For many years, the Herpain Group has been supporting various associations and causes that are close to its heart.

  • Erasmus Fund

    Since 1982, the Erasmus Fund has been fostering research, encouraging creativity and contributing to the advance of medicine for the benefit of numerous different hospital services.

    Fonds Erasme
  • Handicap International

    Handicap International operates throughout the world to help the disabled to find their way towards leading a dignified life. The Association also helps vulnerable people in crisis situations (natural disasters, armed conflict, etc.).

    Handicap International
  • Samilia

    All forms of human trafficking involve the same violation of human rights/ The SAMILIA Foundation acts to alert the general public to the danger and lobby those who have the power to change things. We are working at grassroots level to alert potential victims to the dangers of trafficking, which targets those populations that are the most vulnerable to exploitation.

  • Child Focus

    The Foundation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children is a public-interest foundation operating under the name Child Focus.

    The Foundation does everything possible, on line and off line, to find missing children and combat the sexual exploitation of minors 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Child Focus
  • MIMA

    The Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art is devoted to contemporary art. Artists now communicate directly with the public without going through intermediaries. The Internet has redefined our society, giving a wider voice to subcultures. Urban art has become a major movement, a spokesman for a cosmopolitan and decompartmentalized culture. Through the works of Parra, Swoon, Faile, Todd James and multiple temporary exhibitions, MIMA tells the story of Culture 2.0.

  • Travail et Partage

    Created in 2010 by a former special-needs teacher, Travail et Partage makes it a rule to foster the employment of handicapped workers. In a complex labour market, finding employment is far from easy and all the more so if you have a disability.

    In this regard, Travail et Partage employs persons with a disability in its workshop, secretariat and in sales, etc.

    Travail et Partage
  • Nekto

    The Nekto sheltered workshop (formerly the Queen Fabiola Workshop) is one of eight non-profit associations making up the Centre Reine Fabiola de Neufvilles network in the heart of the Hainaut region. It offers employment to some 250 adults with minor mental, motor or sensorial handicaps.

  • Protégeons nos enfants

    Protégeons nos enfants is a body aimed at providing logistic and monetary support to various associations and hospitals directly involved in helping children suffering from cancer, autism or a disability. Our team of volunteers are in regular contact with these different entities to identify various shortfalls and seek to remedy them through what we are capable of offering. We are firmly committed to contributing as much as possible to the care and follow-up of these children.

  • Pierre d’angle

    Pierre d'Angle is a NPO for the homeless that offers year-round accommodation and day care with showers, naps and social support.

    Pierre d'Angle
  • Hopiness

    Hopiness is a NPO that aims to provide young sports talents who lack sufficient financial resources with effective, professional human support.

    The aim is to help them develop their abilities in order that they can oint he world elite in their sport in the short or mid-term.

  • Run For Hope

    Run For Hope is a team of runners, whose members have been confronted, from near or far, with childhood cancer.

    Together, we share the desire to do something to help young patients, parents and siblings get through this terrible ordeal in the best possible conditions.

    We run because we want every child with cancer to receive the best possible care and to recover with the best possible long-term quality of life!

    Run For Hope
  • Le petit vélo jaune

    Le Petit vélo jaune supports disadvantaged, vulnerable and/or isolated families. The idea is to harness the educational strengths and skills of parents, to help them to resolve their day-to-day problems (financial, administrative and housing) so that they can devote more time to their babies and young children. 

    Le petit vélo jaune