Our causes

The Herpain Group, in teaming up with W-Project, is involved over the long term in various humanitarian projects.

These projects are chosen on the basis of the causes on which Herpain wishes to take action: the environment, housing and education.

  • Extending forest cover in Belgium

    In Belgium, Reforest’Action restores forests affected by disease and undertakes semi-urban plantations using the Miyawaki method to increase forest cover.

    In Péruwelz, more than 15 different species have been planted on abandoned wasteland thanks to Professor Miyawaki’s plantation technique, applied here by our partner Urban Forests; 1,000 trees will take root close to the town and will give it a genuine green lung.

    In Saint-Georges-sur-Meuse and Saint-Trond, we are contributing to extending forest cover and building biodiversity by planting deciduous tree species.

    Restoring forests affected by disease

    In Tinlot, we are working on restoring a forest of ash trees hit by ash dieback.

  • Promoting social inclusion through the creation of housing

    Solidarité Logement is a citizen action created by a group of friends sensitive to housing issues.

    The main mission is to prevent the breakdown of social links by creating housing. Indeed, the right to housing represents the first condition for social integration.

    The role of Solidarité Logement is to acquire or rent a building on a long-term basis, to renovate it if necessary and to make it available for a social project for two target groups: isolated women in social distress and young people in transition.

    Solidarité Logement has created more than 30 housing units in Brussels and Wallonia since its creation, creating more than 150 transit accommodation places.

  • Supporting vulnerable parents

    Le Petit vélo jaune supports disadvantaged, vulnerable and/or isolated families. The idea is to harness the educational strengths and skills of parents, to help them to resolve their day-to-day problems (financial, administrative and housing) so that they can devote more time to their babies and young children. 

    Face-to-face, regular and long-term meetings

    We offer these families the support of a volunteer, who we refer to as a teammate. The teammate goes to the family’s home once a week, for about a year. The role of a teammate is wide ranging and adapted to the needs of the family: to share experience of taking care of a newborn, to explore a district together, to help with administrative procedures, or simply to listen. Volunteers are selected and then supervised by our team of professionals throughout the support process.

Have you received a donations certificate?

Thanks to the code on your donations certificate you can make a donation to one of the projects close to your hear and contribute proactively to the development of a fairer society.

For many years, the Herpain Group has also been supporting various associations and causes that are dear to its heart.

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